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I've had the joy of entertaining people for most of my life.  Music, theatre, film, television and now ... audiobook narration.  Below is a partial list of my discography.  A full listing is available by clicking HERE.​

coming soon ... audio samples!!!​

  • The Chronicles of the Black Gate:   A 5-book fantasy series, written by Phil Tucker

  • The Good Doctor Trilogy: Erotic Suspense by Renea Mason.  Audie Award-Winner for Best Erotica Audiobook 2016.

  • Symphony of Light and Winter:  Paranormal Erotica from Renea Mason.

  • The Myth Adventures:  an 18-book, Young Adult, humorous fantasy series, written by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye.

  • The Gods' Dream Trilogy:  A fantasy romance series, written by Debra Holland.

  • The CELTA Series:  13-book paranormal romance fantasy, from by Robin D. Owens.

  • Masters Of The Shadowlands:  BDSM Erotic Series from Cherise Sinclair.

  • The Crossword Mysteries:  12-book mystery series, written by Nero Blanc.

  • Highland Destiny:  4-book paranormal, romance series, from Laura Harner.

  • The MAckenzie Family Series:  Hot Action-Romance from Liliana Hart.

  • The Last Investigation:  Kennedy Assassination-Era Non-fiction, by Gaeton Fonzi.

  • Mary's Mosaic:  Kennedy Assassination-Era Non-fiction, by Peter Janney

  • The Chaneysville Incident:  Dramatic fiction, written by David Bradley

  • Vicious:  Paranormal thriller from V.E. Schwab.

  • No Cry For Help, Switch & K.A.R.M.A.:  Thrillers from Grant McKenzie.

  • Vodka Politics:  Political History from Mark Lawrence Schrad.

  • Killer:  Suspense thriller, written by Stephen Carpenter.

  • The Sane Society:  Psychology - written by Erich Fromm.

  • The Bleeding:  Thriller written by Max E. Stone.

  • The Weaver Takes a Wife:  Romance - written by Sherri Cobb-South.

  • Standing Fast:  Historical Fiction, by Harvey Swados.

  • Public Relations:  Erotic Romance, written by Tibby Armstrong.

  • Evensong:   Dystopian Fantasy Thriller, written by John Love.


In addition to solo narration, I have the pleasure of working with my co-narrating partner, Erin deWard.  We are able to bring a whole, new dimension to audiobook narration - creating more of an "Audio Play" experience.  She's a wonderfully talented Actor and narrator.

To go to her website, click HERE.